A first-hand look at ACB


Lynne Connel, mastermind and founder of investment supermarket ACB, gave an interview to Calculator UK, where she talked in detail about her unique product and its important role in modern-day trading.

During the interview, Connel noted that ACB’s main advantage is that the service is able to satisfy any investment needs a client may have. First of all, the service provides convenience and accessibility. The website is intuitive, multifunctional and accessible to users from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Second, ACB has a wide range of trading instruments with flexible margin requirements. ABC succeeded in this through its cooperation with all large global liquidity providers simultaneously. The trader’s choice is no longer limited; you no longer have to be tied to any particular broker. Third, with ACB, users can execute trades at the best prices, which previously had only been accessible for VIP clients with accounts over $500,000. This was made possible thanks to ACB’s large trading volumes that liquidity providers need.

In her speech, Lynne Connel shared that the goal of the investment supermarket was and continues to be the advancement of progress. With ACB, purchasing financial market assets becomes as familiar as purchasing from an online store.