ACB Offers Its Users 4,000 Trading Instruments


We are pleased to announce the expansion of the ACB investment product line. Users now have access to 4,000 trading instruments. The results of pre-launch focus group tests allowed us to get feedback and comments from participating investors. Many noted that this is undoubtedly the largest number of assets that they have encountered on a single platform, which significantly increases their earning potential.

From the very beginning, ACB has promoted the implementation of progressive technologies and ideas in the investment sphere. Offering clients such a number of trading instruments is a core concept. Developing in this direction is directly tied to additional opportunities the service offers, which function among each other as a single living organism. Investors choose the service for its undeniable advantages, which include not only a great variety of assets, but also order execution at the best prices. ACB is establishing such a volume that interacting with leading liquidity providers happens through special terms inaccessible to retail investment companies. Clients of the service can work with premium liquidity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The investment supermarket is a completely new way of thinking. We have broken down stereotypes and walls that for years have hindered investors from doing their job. In the near future, we plan to expand the number of trading instruments, and we believe that this step will make the ACB service increasingly more popular.