Investment Supermarket ACB Surpasses Record for Number of New Accounts


The press office of ACB International LTD has announced that the number of brokerage accounts opened has reached a record of 9,000 and continues to grow steadily. This is in part due to an expansion of the range of trading instruments offered, including the addition of cryptocurrencies that are so popular today.

Digital currency may be a relatively new area of investment, but this has not stopped it from proving to be a liquid and profitable asset. Data show that the number of investors in the market who are including cryptocurrency in their portfolio is increasing by 7-8% each month. If in 2009 few knew about the existence of bitcoin, in 2018 people are making millions of dollars on the cryptocurrency. It has already been proved that the profit from some cryptocurrencies can exceed the return from purchasing shares of global corporations.

Investment supermarket ACB has kept in step with the times and is ready to provide investors a wide variety of cryptocurrency offerings. This development has encouraged traders to open new accounts and has interested not only prospective clients, but also existing users of the service who already have brokerage accounts.

“We thank our clients for their high level of trust,” noted Lynne Connel, founder of investment supermarket ACB, in her speech. “From the moment we launched and to the present day we have been working tirelessly on technical and logical improvements to the service. We are working closely with users to get their feedback, promptly resolving issues that arise, reviewing comments and suggestions. We are in an endless pursuit of new ideas to expand our service.”

“The investment supermarket is 100% fulfilling its primary task of identifying and satisfying any financial needs,” added Marko Blažević, CMO of ACB International LTD. “We have created this service for a wide range of people who can use it anywhere. How much capital you have or where you are located does not matter. Simply open our service and you will get the best investment offers from around the world. We strive to always be moving forward, so the introduction of new trading instruments is only a small part of our overall development plan for the service. Our fee policy, for example, is not standing still: in the near future we plan to lower our brokerage fee, which, together with our other planned developments, will help motivate our clients to beat the current record.”