Michael Robinson Named Director of Analytics Department at ACB


The press office of investment supermarket ACB has announced a new hire: Michael Robinson, a superior analyst, ex-trader and a highly professional investment expert with many years of experience in large financial sector companies, has been appointed the new Director of Analytics.

“Michael Robinson and I are on the same page, which is the most important thing in working together,” ACB founder Lynne Connel commented on the appointment. “I do not know of a single person who would be better suited for this position. Encyclopedic knowledge, years of experience, hard work and dedication — it is rare to find all of these qualities in one person.”

“I have known Lynne for 10 years now, and I never cease to be amazed by her talent to bring to life technically complex and cost-intensive ideas,” said Michael Robinson. “When I learned about the launch of the investment supermarket service, I was absolutely delighted. I said, ‘Yes! Why, this is exactly what I dreamed about when I was a trader!’ You want to execute trades at the best prices — go right ahead. Special margin requirements for your trades as well as the latest and most accurate analytics — isn’t this what most investors want? Just open an account and trade without any hassle or worries.

“I realized right away that this is a completely different, totally new format of investing that has literally been inspired by this era, having taken from it the most technologically advanced and modern concepts. In my opinion, the future of financial organizations lies with the marketplaces, and I am happy that together with the team of professionals at ACB, we will be at the forefront of progress.”