The Marketplace, Presented by ACB Founder Lynne Connel


Lynne Connel, a leading expert and the head of investment supermarket ACB, recently explained to readers of Fortune Herald what exactly a marketplace in the investment sphere is and what makes such a model better than the usual format of trading through a broker.

The idea of creating such an investment supermarket came at a time when acute trading problems had reached their peak. Working with the financial market was to transform from an extremely complicated process into one as simple as purchasing goods from an online store. The primary goal was to develop a platform where everything would be aggregated in a single place and would be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today the ACB service is an entire investment center through which an investor can totally satisfy their needs. It offers users a huge selection of trading instruments, the best quotes and flexible margin requirements. Not a single retail broker can offer what the marketplace does. This is because ACB’s large trading volumes allow it to get the best prices from liquidity providers. The largest selection of assets is available only through the marketplace because it has many counterparties.

Separately worth noting is the conflict of interest that occurs when the broker works directly with its clients. The marketplace model eliminates this. The ACB service is a regulator unto itself, so that in the event of any disputes it always takes the client’s side.