About the company: an interview with Founder Lynne Connel

No one can better describe a company than its tounder. With this in mind, Lynne Connel chose the most frequently asked questions about ACB to answer in as much detail as possible.

Lynne Connel Founder

What is the ACB investment service? And how did you envision such a company?

In 2015, almost all of ACB's key investment consulting experts were working in another firm under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Like many companies at the time, we experienced certain difficulties with the ever-changing requirements of the central banks: we had to adjust, but, unfortunately, it was to the detriment of our ability to offer the most superior terms on the market.

We are used to the fact that the regulator serves as a formal safeguard of the client's assets, a sort of reliability standard of the investment provider, if you will. But the data unyieldingly affirmed that after the introduction of the ESMA directives limiting the size of our leverage, more and more clients were choosing to work in an unregulated jurisdiction, which at the time seemed inconceivable. Though even then it should have been obvious that due to advancements, potential clients have many more tools at their disposal to objectively assess any company.

With the development of blockchain technology, it became clear that companies or projects that do not have the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads in the form of regulatory bodies of political, economic or any other institutions or countries are growing increasingly popular among users from around the world. Technological advancements have made it possible not only to dialogue directly with consumers, but also to make them the best offers, without middlemen and the restrictions they impose. Knowing this, I decided not only to open a company in an unregulated area, but to create a service that offers the widest range of trading instruments at the best prices, without limiting leverage, with one fee for everything and with the option of opening an account quickly without being physically present in the office. And that is our product: the ACB investment service.

What sort of team do you need to ensure your service runs smoothly?

At present, ACB has 96 employees who provide over 3,000 users the opportunity to work in the market. From anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our clients must be able to carry out any financial operation they may need. To this end, all our employees are a highly coordinated team of professionals, each of whom possesses a creative approach to solving problems of any complexity, successful work experience in their field and an absolute focus on results. Every employee continuously monitors new technologies and market offerings, analyzes competitors’ experience and applies these skills on the job every day.

Tell us about the partners of ACB

Our partners include news and information agencies that provide analytical modules with the option of system integration; major market liquidity providers and developers of trading software; companies that provide access to top investment services like social trading, portfolio investment, etc.

It is important to note that we do not engage clients to work directly with our counterparties; clients use the services of third-party companies, but they are all clients of ACB and we are responsible for the quality of the services they receive. ACB is a point of entry for the client who wants to use an investment service, and we spare no effort or expertise to provide this service at the highest level of quality.

You mentioned liquidity providers. What sort of assets do you provide?

We provide over 4,000 trading instruments on the market and the best quotes feed available today.

How can you provide such a large number of instruments?

We can do this because we are not subject to regulations. No central bank has the power to limit the number of instruments we provide by determining, for example, that they are high risk, or to change the margin requirements as they see fit simply because their experience in some European country led to large losses among a certain segment of the population, and so on and so forth.

You see, it is all demand-driven. Today there is demand among clients for a large number of instruments, the best and most flexible margin requirements. And we can make them the offer that fits their needs.

But what about the best price guarantee?

You know, this best price order execution service was previously only available for clients with deposits above 500,000 USD. These were Premium Clients and had so-called “green corridors” for executing positions. In fact, each broker with such a service spent money on servicing and renting an office, as well as on salaries of a large number of staff who worked with the client, etc. For this reason, the quotation for any given asset would steadily increase. But, you may ask, what do we do?

We provide an online platform essentially as the clients of our liquidity providers, who in turn do not spend their budgets on customer acquisition — we ourselves provide them with a large market volume. It is through such partnerships that we get the best terms for our clients! And because we are not brokers and do not add our own commission, we have no interest in increasing the spread, which is basically the difference between the buy and sell price.

What then does the client pay you?

The only thing we charge the client is for execution of trade orders. Beyond that, there are no “hidden” or “additional” fees. We do not have a conflict of interest with the client related to their profit or loss. The longer the client uses our service, the more profit we make, and the more profit our liquidity providers receive.

What do you see as the company mission?

From the very beginning, we took a rigorous approach to growth in pursuit of our goal: to develop a unique service that removes any geographical, political or conventional borders in the investment environment. And I am confident that ACB has become such a service, combining user friendliness and accessibility for all, independent of central bank directives or conflicts of interest between the company and the client, with the ability to independently choose any investment proposals from among thousands of the best, all brought together on a single platform.

But the development of the ACB platform has never been an end in itself. It was a means for facilitating progress that now allows us to make your work with complex financial instruments as familiar of a process as choosing what to buy in an online store.

“ACB: an investment service as it should be.” - (с) Lynne Connel

Lynne Connel Founder