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Amazon celebrates its best holiday season ever


The company quadrupledits one-day and same-day deliveries during this shopping season

Stocks impacted: Amazon (AMZN)

The e-commerce giant reported striking results of the last holiday season but the most impressive figures were registered in its logistics. The number of items that were delivered with Prime Free One-Day and Prime Free Same-Day Delivery nearly quadrupled compared to the same time period last holiday season, the company said. Also, 60% more customers shipped items to an Amazon pick-up point compared with last year. Interestingly, Amazon managed to handle a strong risein demand with its own delivery network. As a reminder, a few weeks ago, the firm told sellers that use its platform that it would no longer let them useFedEx’s delivery network during the holiday season. After the shopping season results were announced, Amazon shares rallied nearly 4.5% and thus had their best day since late-January.

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