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Apple stocks at new all-time high, China sales boom


iPhone sales in China jumped by 18% in December

Stocks impacted: Apple Inc (AAPL)

According to the official data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Apple shipped 3.2 million iPhones in China through last month, up from 2.7 million a year earlier. As such, iPhone sales in China grew 18% last month despite the region saw an overall decline in smartphone sales. Interestingly, Apple had just 8% of the market share in China during the third quarter of 2019, down from 9% during the same time period in 2018, with Huawei remaining the market leader with a 40% share. Later this month, the company is scheduled to release its next quarterly financial report. After the news, Apple shares jumped over 2%, to register fresh record highs on Thursday.

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