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Deutsche may add assets to bad bank


Senior Deutsche Bank officials have discussed the possibility of putting additional problematic assets into a unit it created earlier this year, if the bank is able to sell assets already held within that "bad bank".

The decision will depend on the ability of Deutsche to sell assets already held within bad bank

Stocks impacted: Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn)

These discussions are preliminary, and a Deutsche Bank spokesman highlighted the bank has no plans to add additional assets into its capital release unit. It’s anyway one of the options being discussed for resolving a problem in a tight budget. Only 30% of Deutsche Bank’s 25 billion euros worth of Level 3 assets have so far been placed within the capital release unit. As a reminder, the bank raised 29.3 billion euros in capital over the past nine years. At that, Deutsche shares declined 75% over the past four-and-a-half years. The bank’s shares are trading 1.7% higher early on Thursday.

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