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Samsung will begin selling Galaxy Fold in September


Three months ago, the South Korean tech giant announced it would delay the Galaxy Fold due to issues that arose after reviewers got their hands on its device.

Galaxy Fold will go on sale from September after the launch was delayed by screen problems earlier this year

Stocks impacted: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (SE)

Now, the company has made improvements to the phone and is conducting final tests. Changes included strengthening hinges which early reviewers found to be problematic. Samsung said earlier that it planned to make at least 1 million Fold handsets in the first year. By the way, in the time that the hardware has been redesigned, the company says it's also been working on the Fold's software experience, which includes optimizing more "apps and services" to fit its unique capabilities. In April, consumer confidence in Galaxy Fold has significantly deteriorated due to the revealed issues and the consequent delay in the launch. Now, after the phone maker made improvements, Samsung shares may receive a boost in anticipation of the launch.

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